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Hard Rock Chick Video

February 19th, 2017

Jools Brooke is the type of porn star that fits right into this sort of niche set up. She actually looks like she could be featuring in a rock music video in the pictures (not the ones with huge rock cocks in them of course). She could wear anything small and tight couldn’t she? Just look at her body and tell me that you don’t want to grab hold of it and fuck the hell of it! Jools looks so good in this outfit, with that guitar, that I don’t think she should bother with any other sort of porn anymore. I’ve seen her in other porno movies, but I have to say that I’ve never seen her in anything as good and as well suited as this rock chick niche; it’s like she was born to dress up like this with a guitar and get guys off over the internet!

The little pink top seems to be the normal thing for these rock chicks to be wearing at the moment, and although I hate to see them in this sort of shit, Jools does actually look pretty good in it, I must admit! I know that she’d look much better out of it, but all that will come; and you can see all of that side of things if you click to see more and check out more free pictures and videos.So what are you waiting for? Go and check out these rock chicks if you can handle the hard rock lifestyle!

Threesome Rock Chick Fun

February 19th, 2017

When one guy just won’t do it our rock chicks simply have to try out two to get the job done. After all, some women are harder to satisfy than others. This rock chick is one of those girls and she will keep on taking cocks until she is completely satisfied. I’ve seen her in a porn movie before taking 4 or more cocks in order to make herself come; this girl is insatiable though, because once she’s had her first there is absolutely no stopping her. And to be perfectly honest, who would want her to stop anyway? If I was in bed with Havanna Sin a little rock chick whore I’d do all I could to keep her satisfied until I had the energy to climb on board her love train once again! I’d have a bag load of vibes and dildos to use on her to make her time as pleasurable as possible!

Could you actually imagine rock chick Havanna Sin walking into your hotel room or bedroom looking like this? I’m pretty damn sure she’d get a warm, hard welcome from me. I imagine her leaning over my bed dancing to some hard rock music that I put on my CD player. She would be thrashing her head around, making her hair wave in front of her face and her tits bounce and shake like there’s a bit of an earth tremor happening. Wow! What a girl. Then she’d put her hands under the covers while she looked me in the eye and she’d grab my cock with a force that even I couldn’t muster for the old chap, and she’d begin wanking it like no tomorrow! While she did it she’d be looking into my eyes all the time and rubbing her other hand between her legs getting nice and juicy for when she jumped in with me.

Nobody Rocks UK Babe Paige Fox

February 18th, 2017

When you want rock music you don’t go to America, you go to where most of it took off. The Americans had Elvis Presley yes, but they didn’t create the great rock legends did they? They never had The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, or Led Zeppelin. This is exactly the same in the rock chick porn industry. You can have as many American girls as you want, but you simply won’t beat the quality and overall dirtiness of a UK rock chick. When you have a girl like this all over your cock and your guitar like a rash you know you’re in the UK – the home of rock!

So, what to do with such an amazing rock chick? Well you fuck her you fool. Let’s face it, it doesn’t take much to get off with a drunken groupie does it? All you need do is pump her full of booze and then tell her you’re with the band and before long you’ll be burying your cock in her face like you were trying to hide it from someone else! And what’s more is that she’ll enjoy you doing it to her so much that you’ll have her climaxing time after time without any trouble at all; it’s the rock that’s the aphrodisiac here, not you or your cock! So when you’re finally tired of all the wannabe rock chicks out there and you’re ready for something a little more sexy and full on you can always rely on the UK rock chicks to fulfill your every rock chick fantasy; just click your way to heaven folks and rock on!

Red Head Rock Chick

February 17th, 2017

There is one rock chick that can beat the fabled blonde, and that is of course the red head! When you get hold of a red head in any aspect of the porn industry you know that you’re in for a good time and a real dirty ride, but when you combine them with the rock world, well then you’ve got a fucking apocalypse on your hands. And that’s what I’d like to call this sexy little red head rock chick Ruby Reds – the female apocalypse! She’ll blow your mind and the mind and body of every man who witnesses what she can do with a cock in her hand, pussy, arse or mouth! Wherever you hear the sound of a heavy rock guitar like the ones you get from Brian May from Queen perhaps, then you’ll find this redhead waiting back stage to get her lips wrapped around the first musician’s hard cock.

Now, you wouldn’t think that musicians would be the ones to be very good at performing sexually would you, particularly when they consume more cocaine than Colombia can produce in a year! But then you hadn’t counted on rock chicks like this red head babe. This one could get Keith Richards hard and ready to dump his load.So if you know what’s good for you, and you’re a little tired of the blonde rock chicks they keep throwing at you then you’ll be pleased to go and look at this red head bitch sucking on some cock nice and deep. She’s wild, and you’re going to love it!

Another Blonde Rock Chick

February 17th, 2017

That title sounds a little like I’m bored with blonde rock chicks, I’ve just realised. It isn’t that though. In fact it signifies the exact opposite of what I’m actually thinking about the blonde rock chick in general. I love blonde rock chicks and my statement celebrates the fact that there is another one here for us, with her tits and pussy out, and her beautiful sweet little mouth open wide to take the rock cock! Hot blonde rocker Mia Fortune is dressed all in her rock chick black gear, is certainly one of the best we’ve seen on Rock Chicks isn’t she? If you’ve been following is you’ll know that we’re never short of a blonde or two for this site, but this one is a very fine example I think you’ll agree.

I think it’s the youthfulness of her, and the fact that she’ll do almost anything to get a faceful of cum. That’s right, we have a little inside information on this hot rock chick and it turns out that one of her favourite pastimes during sex is to get a lovely big facial cumshot. Now what she’ll do to get this facial cumshot is endless; I mean it, really endless. She will do anything to get it. She’ll take it up the arse, in the mouth, as well as in her sweet, sweet pussy! She’ll wank it and talk dirty to it, kiss it suck it and tickle it until it explodes all over her. When she’s covered she has a brief respite from the cum craving that drives her world; until the next rock guy comes along that is. And with this rock chick it doesn’t take that long.

Dolly Delight Pink and Black Rock Chick

February 16th, 2017

This pink and black clad rock chick has that guitar in her hand like she can actually play it. Do you think she can? Can she fuck! The only thing she can play is the one eyed trumpet, and I have to admit when you see her blowing on that thing she can get a pretty good tune out of it; along with a load of gooey white mess of course. In all seriousness, I’ve seen a lot of blonde rock chicks and I have to say that they are all fucking gorgeous without a question, but this one has something special about her that requires a little bit more attention than the rest. I think it has something to do with her eyes, but it’s difficult to put my finger on exactly what it is.

Dolly Delight has a look in her eyes that tells me that she really wants to be doing what she’s doing. Many other rock chick whore (indeed many other porn stars) have a look that says they like what they do, but they would be happy to do anything else that paid as well with as minimum an effort. blonde rock chick Dolly Delight really wants to do what she does, and I think that judging by the desirous look in her eyes, if you were to offer her double the money to do a different job where she didn’t get to fuck and suck rock musicians, she’d probably decline the offer.Well this is the sort of girl you want on rock chicks isn’t it? Not only do they tick all the right boxes, but they also epitomize what the rock chick is about; and that is rock!

Tamara Grace Rocking all over the world

February 15th, 2017

This blonde rocker has been everywhere! And when I say everywhere I really fucking mean it. She has followed her favourite bands as far as Russia before, and they haven’t all been famous either. As long as they have guitars, drums and a singer, this rock chick will follow them to the end of the world, and suck their cocks all the way there too. There is no beating this sort of adoration and sexual commitment. If only all women would commit to men in the same way that the rock chicks commit to musicians!

I’m surprised that the musician involved in this shoot has trusted blondie with his Les Paul Gibson guitar! This is one expensive and pretty precious guitar by any standards, and if he’s let her have hold of it then he really must want his cock sucked desperately. Well, I suppose if he trusts her with his cock in her mouth then he should really trust her to hold onto a guitar while she does it! And when Tamara Grace does it she really does a good job of it. I’m surprised that after the blow job this rock chick gives, this guy still manages to keep the wolves from the door long enough to fuck her like a mad man; if this had been me then I’d have popped my cork right at the start when I first saw her dressed in all that rock chick gear! Tamara Grace Check out the blonde rock chick and all her dirty whore rock chick friends and don’t forget to get your cock out ready, it’s a rockin ride!

Groupies Love to Play with Big Cocks

February 14th, 2017

The average groupie will hang around with anyone who owns a guitar for fuck sake; even if the idiot has a tiny prick and no talent at all. But not this babe! No, this babe only fucks and sucks the very best of the rock world – they call her super groupie! She can suck a golf ball through half a mile of garden hose and then still swallow it. I am seriously in love with this girl, and having been a musician once myself I am constantly kicking myself that I never got famous just because I would have been able to fuck this rock chick.

Valentina Cruz has a pussy so sweet that once you see a cock come out of there it looks like it’s sugar coated; and probably tastes like it too if you fancy trying it out! Just look at the way in which she’s holding this guitar and giving it so much attention. You’d like to think that she’d give you that much attention wouldn’t you, but I’m afraid that if you haven’t been on the main stage at Glastonbury then you don’t stand much of a fucking chance friend; the closest you’ll get to that sort of action is by logging into websites like this and checking out the pictures of the real rock chicks doing all the musicians they can. So why not check them out in a little more detail? Click the links and have some real fun with these wild and crazy rock chicks; they’ll certainly rock your world, and also empty your balls!

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February 13th, 2017

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Get Yourself a Rock Chick!

February 12th, 2017

What’s better than a chick that rocks? A rock chick that’s what! I know rock chicks that will kneel down on the men’s bathroom floor in half an inch of piss to suck your cock man! That’s no word of a lie I’m telling you. This is the sort of chick you need, a real fucking dirty one! I remember one rock chick that did something just like this to me once. She followed me to the bathroom in a bar after a rock gig one night. The band were no-one special, just some local pile of shit, but she was one of these sort of girls that would go to the opening of a packet of chips for Christ’s sake! And boy oh boy did she go for it!

Well when I went for a piss I turned around and she was standing there with her short, jet black hair, purple, thick lipstick and black eyes! She looked like a fucking ghost I’m telling you. But when I looked her up and down she certainly looked all woman. She was wearing a tiny little black leather skirt with hold up, fishnet stockings. On the top she had a fishnet top covering nothing but a tiny lace bra. Her boobs were pretty big and looked as though they might burst out at any moment. Now when this rock chick got on her knees in the cubicle and took out my cock for a good old fashioned blow job I nearly came in her mouth in the first few seconds! Just to see those big purple lips wrapped around my shaft was enough to drive me fucking crazy! Get yourself a rock chick man!